Nembol billing

Updated on May 23, 2024


What paying methods does Nembol accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards and most bank cards enabled for online transactions (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China UnionPay, and many more).

We also accept PayPal payments for all of our plans.

Please note: Currently, it is not possible to redeem coupons with payment via PayPal or for Shopify users.

Credit and debit card data and security

Depending on the choice you make, we charge via PayPal’s website or via a professional payment processing company. Nembol never gets to hold your bank card details nor other payment data.

When upgrading to a paid subscription, you will in fact type your payment data inside a Web form directly served by the payment processing company, which is a major international financial institution, regulated by US and EU laws.

All data will be encrypted with the latest security technology before being transferred over the Internet, and none of our team or staff ever gets to see such data.

Your security is our utmost priority.


When will I be charged?

Nembol subscription is charged either monthly or annually. In both cases it will be charged at the beginning of each billing period.

  • Example: if you started your subscription on May 4th at 10am in your timezone, you will be next charged on June 4th at 10am in your timezone, if you opt for monthly payment.
  • You would otherwise be charged on May 4th at 10am the following year, if you opt for one single yearly payment. In the latter case, you’ll safe 25% of your total charges.

Please note that if you started your subscription on January 30th, you will next be charged on February 28th, or 29th, as February has no day 30. Same during months with 30 days for all subscriptions started on a 31st, of course! 🙂

Nembol is a little different, and better, compared to many companies with similar business models: Nembol does not require your credit card to start your free trial. Only if and when a Nembol user decides to upgrade from their free trial to a paid subscription, have they to type their payment data details.

Therefore, no Nembol user will ever be charged “by chance” or “unknowingly”.

Nembol payment policy is “no refund”, as most companies in the industry. So please remember to downgrade, make idle, or (please don’t leave us!) cancel your subscription before the beginning of your following billing period, whenever this time is.

What is different if I subscribed through Shopify?

Some Nembol users are also Shopify users, and choose to install Nembol from the Shopify Apps Store, and start their Nembol subscription within Shopify.

Such users will be billed for their Nembol subscription by Shopify, and will see Nembol charge with their Shopify bill, with the recurrence they defined with Shopify, which is in most cases every 30 days.

Please refer to Shopify support for any matter related to billing. Refer instead to Nembol support for any matter related to Nembol functionality and features! 🙂

Does my Nembol subscription price include VAT?

Nembol is a US company, and VAT does not exist in the US.

Overseas users will pay the full amount of the Nembol plan they choose, and this amount does not contain any VAT, nor of course, any US Sales Tax as the latter is not applied to overseas sales.

If you need an invoice for your accounting department, please contact our support and let us know in writing your corporate data (Company name, address, tax ID, and all you need in a formal invoice). Our team will update our system to generate invoices that include such corporate data.

From that moment on, you’ll automatically receive an invoice at each monthly renewal. We will also send you any backlog invoice you may need.